Navy GunBoat


Rig Move

DP AHTS vessel

line Pipes & Drilling Materials

Catering Services on Offshore Platforms and Vessels

Gim Brown Marine has an extensive fleet of multifunctional, offshore supply vessel
Provision of Escort and fast watch
Patrol Vessel and Navy
Supply Of Bunker
provision of ship Agency And clearance
Provision of OTC Drilling pipes

Offshore Drill Rigs

Gim Brown Drilling has one of the strongest and most advanced rig fleets in the industry

We operate a fleet including the largest harsh environment jack-up rigs in the world and a number of deepwater semi-submersible rigs. Gim Brown's Drilling is built on state-of-the-art equipment. We control one of the most modern offshore rig fleets in the world. Gim Brown is a world leader in offshore deepwater drilling. Our aim is to unlock oil and gas for the benefit of our customers and their customers in the safest, most efficient manner possible. We operate a versatile fleet of rigs that comprises drillships, jack-ups, semi-submersibles and tender rigs for operations in shallow to ultra-deepwater areas in both harsh and benign environments. For all of us at Gim Brown itís about safe efficient operations


MV Ocean Nautico

We provide security with the Nigerian Navy and Arms and also gunboat to the Nigerian Navy for vessel escourtion. The Maritime Branch of Gim Browns can assist you in all your needs. We take a very pro-active posture on security and believe that proper planning prevents most problems. We maintain good relations with the local/host communities with whom we come in contact with during the course of our business.


MV Ocean Merit

Gim Brown Rig Services specializes in moving drilling rigs and servicing oilfield equipment. We bring a high standards to our work by implementing the latest technology, tools, and field research. Our team is constantly committed to adhering to the industryís highest safety standards, as well as our own high standard of delivering quality, timely results.



The Russell MV Ocean Roli design platform support vessel with DP2 station keeping ability and FIFI 1. The vessel is designed for deep water operation for the following duties.
Transport of liquid products.
Deck cargo and other equipment for offshore support



The seafarer Princes is managed in accordance with the highest safety and quality standard which are expectd in today's offshore construction industry. gim Brown services is commited to operate at thhese standard in conjuction with our team vast experience provides for successful operation.